Left Alone

"Left Alone(レフトアローン)"は、イラストレーター"keisuke sakai"の描く、愛らしいキャラクター入りのアイテムを展開するブランド。
2017  夏季よりブランドスタート
2018.5  "印 NU茶屋町+"店にてPOP-UP SHOP開催

2018.12  東京にてPOP-UP SHOP開催

2019.5  名古屋にてPOP-UP SHOP開催

Left Alone is a brand of introducing items with adorable characters printed which is designed by "keisuke sakai".
It's created in the summer of 2017.
2017 Summer
  Left Alone stareted.
2018 May
  A POP-UP shop was held at "印 NU-chayamachi+".

2018 December
  A POP-UP shop was held in Tokyo.

2019 May
  A POP-UP shop was held in Nagoya.